ADC-16 analog-digital converter

Bios Elettronica introduces the new ADC-16, 4-20mA and 0-10V analog-digital converter for LED numerical displays.

With the availability of the new ADC-16 the system is configured in this way: the LED display is supplied with RS485 serial interface (modbus RTU slave) and with separate module (ADC-16) for 0-10V / 4-20mA analog signal measurement and conversion into RS485 protocol. This is a DIN bar module (5 modules, mm 88x90x63) with its power supply (DIN rail 1.5 modules, mm 25x90x63).
The ADC-16 Conversion Module has an LCD microdisplay that is used to set the measurement scale and various other parameters via buttons, and, when in standby mode, to display the instantaneous value (the LCD is always on).



Main benefits of the modular system:

The user, using the ADC-16 module setup, can decide by himself:

  • Analog interface type: 0-10V o 4-20mA;
  • Possible decimal point and its position;
  • Display brightness management to fit the installation site (scale from 0 to 100%);
  • Four adjustable alarm thresholds (with optional relay module added).


  • It is possible to reach the display in wireless mode with additional wifi module or, for long distances, radiomodem module 869.525 MHz (up to 1 km) for DIN bar;
  • The large display has a serial interface (RS485 modbus RTU slave) and can therefore also be used without the ADC-16 analog module, for example it can be managed directly in RS485 serial or by adding counter, BCD, Ethernet modules;
  • Any maintenance / modification / implementation interventions are facilitated because in some cases it is sufficient to replace the ADC-16 module. For timely intervention, the customer can hold a spare ADC-16 module (just one for all displays because setup is adaptable to all cases);
  • The ADC-16 module can be installed in a more easily accessible location for the operator setup or other environment to be used as an additional display (it has an LCD microdisplay always on);
  • The user setup menu is very user-friendly;
  • Resolution 32.000 points;
  • The ADC-16 module can also be sold on its own to display values on its microdisplay and / or to be interrogated by a PC / PLC by setting it in modbus RS485 RTU slave mode. It can be integrated into a system where the ADC-16 module measures the value and a PLC takes data from the module and transmits them to one or more giant displays and / or other tools or stores them in a database available to other "clients";
  • The ADC-16 module can simultaneously run multiple displays to repeat the same value in multiple environments;
  • The modular system makes it less burdensome to store the numerical displays and the ADC-16 modules by adapting them to different interfacing solutions.



ADC-16 is also available in card version to be integrated into the display. In this case, the setup is performed through the supplied software. You need to connect the display to a PC (equipped with RS485 serial interface or USB / RS485 converter) via the provided data cable (2 poles + screen, extensible).

Through the software the user can set up mainly:

  • Analog interface type: 0-10V or 4-20mA;
  • Possible decimal point and its position;
  • Display brightness management to fit the installation site (scale from 0 to 100%);
  • Four adjustable alarm thresholds (with optional relay module added).


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