X-VISION - multimedia video displays

Oct 16, 2020 - by

Bios Elettronica finally announces the launch of the new X-VISION display series.

The X-VISION displays are intended for all businesses that need to capture attention with images, videos and animations, but also for those who need a reliable and perfectly legible communication tool.

‘Simple and effective, they combine practicality with efficiency.’

The displays they can be easily positioned thanks to the integrated stands which guarantee stability and safety. The display can be programmed via smartphone app (WiFi), USB or LAN and the integrated media player allows the display to read videos and photos by simply inserting a USB pendrive.

They have a 1 cm aluminum frame and protective screen that prevent weathering and sharp objects from damaging the LEDs.

The displays are super light and easy to handle: they weigh only 20 kg and are 4.5 cm thick.

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