About us

Since 1988 we produce Led display for photovoltaics, industry and advertising


Three partners begin their contracting adventure in the far 1988 founding "Bios Elettronica Srl". The company, that over the years of activity has gradually imposed itself on the national and international markets, thanks to an innovative production and advanced technology and reliability, introduces itself as one of the company leader in the area of visual electronic communication. The constant and lasting commitment always shown, sign of seriousness and professionalism that characterize the job, has satisfied with verified success and effectiveness the need of efficiency and guarantee of its many clients in Italy and the world.

Bios Elettronica Srl, always ready to gather the most significant and mutable evolutions of the technological market, has always dedicated good investments aimed to the achievement and improvement of quality production. Its items are today the most direct and valid interest in the optimization of the relation cost-quality. A dynamic and highly qualified staff of technicians, always present in the factory, are always available to advice on the most suitable product for the specific demands of the clients and for the resolutions in prompt times for possible technical problems.

Always intent to exploit at the most its own resources and potentialities, ambitious to grow and to improve itself in the requests created by the market, Bios Elettronica is suitably structured to carry out both standard and personalized items. There is in fact a specific department constantly busy with the production of systems of visualization, specially for the industrial field, that answer to the specific demands of single clients. Bios Elettronica would be also pleased to solve your "demand of communication" and therefore invites you to visit the other site pages.