LED displays for produced pieces

Oct 05, 2017 - by Valerio D'Auria


New target display.

It displays the products produced in real time and via a traffic light indicates whether the production is in line with the target (Tact-Time) or not. If yes, the traffic light is green if instead the production is delayed, the traffic light becomes red.

The display can be interfaced to different PLC modes (via ethernet, modbus, RS485, Wifi, 8-16 bits) or directly to line sensors (dry contacts, photocells). Available with a number of digits from 1 to 12 and with digits of different sizes for visibility from 3 meters up to 400 meters (cm height 100 cm).

You can create multi-field billboards for displaying multi-line production pieces and add more data (shift, record etc).

Italian certified product, built entirely in the Bios Elettronica Srl factory, in Albano Laziale (Rome, Italy).

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