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The Textronic displays are the ideal instrument to spread messages in public places. the bright part of the device is a series of leds (light emission diode) of super bright typology of selected quality. this kind of led together with some precious technical shrewdness make the textronic display well readable even with strong sun-light and they guarantee a high reliability for a long time.

Scrolling message led display PLC profinet
Scrolling message led display 8 bit PLC interface

The message can be visualized with slide effect or with 15 different apparition effects that make it more spectacular. The message programming is performed with an infrared rays remote control keyboard supplied with equipment (the smallest model ML30R is an exception because it has an integrated keyboard). You can easily fit in any message and small sketches. It is possible to perform the programming by a personal computer and a software (optional). The display keeps memory of the message when it is switched off but not for more than 90 days. It is possible to visualize time, date and temperature. Moreover it is possible to visualize a Days-Countdown with respect to a scheduled date, for example: the opening of a shop, the premier of a film or a New Year's eve. Regarding industrial automation it is possible to connect the display to a PC/PLC. The display can receive the message by serial port or it can receive only an imput to visualize one of 8/255 pre-memorized messages. The imput can be gived by a serial command or 8 dry contacts N/O or 8 bit binary code.

The range The Textronic range is composed of 17 standard models with dimensions that go from Cm. 29 x 7,5 to Mt. 10 x 1. On demand it is possible to carry out personalized dimensions. Models are available with only one colour (Monocolor) to choose among red (standard), green, yellow, amber and blue (optional) and Multicolour models that can visualize at the same time 16 colours mixed with red and green (yellow, lemon, orange etc). All of the models with more than a meter in length are especially planned to be installed outdoors exposed to the atmospheric agents (IP55). Besides it is possible to ask for a greater level of protection for cases in which the display has to be installed in a more critical environment, for example in places where strong throws of water are used from the bottom upward (IP65) or in an industrial shed where there are very aggressive acid vapours.

Moving message display PLC modbus
Moving message display Ethernet PLC interface

Oltre al colore standard rosso sono disponibili altro colori opzionali: verde, giallo/ambra, blu e bianco. Tutti i modelli possono essere forniti con lo chassis predisposto per essere installato all'esterno esposto agli agenti atmosferici (IP55) o con un grado di protezione maggiore per i casi in cui sia destinato in ambienti più critici, per esempio in locali dove vengono usati forti getti di acqua anche dal basso verso l'alto (IP65) oppure in un capannone industriale dove ci sono vapori acidi molto aggressivi.

General characteristics:

  • Typology of LED: red, super-bright 800 MCD (from Cm.7 char. height) ;
  • 4 fonts of characters and reverse modality (negative);
  • Capital and small letters;
  • 15 effects of page apparition;
  • Possibility to change the effects in every cycle in automatic way;
  • 3 speed sliding;
  • Visualization of time and date;
  • Days-Countdown function with respect to a scheduled date;
  • memory: 10.000 letters separable in 26 different messages;
  • 26 ready sketches in memory and possibility to create your own;
  • Possibility to insert a password to modify messages;
  • Power supply: 220 Vs 50-60 Hz.;
  • >memory backup: 90 days;
  • chassis: aluminium black colour;
  • Front screen: methacrylate filter;
  • Operating temperature: from -10c to + 60c.

Moreover it's possible to have:

  • Double face version (readable from both sides);
  • Visualization of external temperature;
  • Power supply: 12V, 24V, 110V;
  • Serial port RS232/422/485 for updating by PC or PLC and communication protocol;
  • Software Media-Text to insert messages by PC (compatible with Windows95/98/ME/XP);
  • Interface with RS232/422/485 serial port for automatic selection of 8 ready messages in memory;
  • Interface PLC with parallel binary port 8 bit to select by PLC, 26 ready messages in memory;
  • LED ultra-bright (1200, 2000, 2800 MCD and more).


Textronic is an information tool. It is very effective where there is a need to attract attention and provide real-time information that is legible from a distance (up to 80m). The superbright models are used with excellent results in external under the direct sunlight.

Some examples of messages viewable in different areas of use:

  • Industries: for service messages, information about orders, production data, safety recommendations, data on accidents that occurred, description of work, location of materials, alarms, errors of machinery, etc;
  • Hospitals: regulations for emergency care and the services provided;
  • Parking: for the availability of parkings and service information;
  • Exhibition stands: to advertise products and services offered;
  • Waiting rooms and entrances to the public: for general information.

Textronic can be interfaced to a PC or PLC or to a network with the following connection types:

  • RS232
  • RS422
  • RS485
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Radiomodem
  • GSM via SMS sending
  • GPRS via Internet
  • Parallel 8-bit binary encoding input for the selection of prestored pages
  • Dry contacts N/O for the selection of prestored pages

The standard production of the display Textronic consists of 20 models that differ among them for the height of the characters and the number of visible characters at the same time. 

Number of characters;

About the number of visible characters at the same time, the standard models are of three types and they respectively can display 10, 13 and 20 characters.
On request we can produce custom displays with a different number of characters (up to 60).

Characters height

The following heights are available:

  • Cm 3, readable from about 9 meters;
  • Cm 5, " 15 meters;
  • Cm 7, " 21 meters;
  • Cm 8, " 24 meters;
  • Cm 11, " 33 meters;
  • Cm 16, " 48 meters;
  • Cm 20, " 60 meters.

To choose the display that suits your needs you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Maximum distance from which the message should be readable?
  • I need to see a word or set of words that stand still on the screen (for example, the code of a product)? If yes, how many characters it takes up?
  • How do you want to control the display? ( see how you can interface it );
  • The red color goes well or you want a different color? (green, yellow, blue);
  • Must be installed indoors or outdoors exposed to the elements?
  • Are present in the environment particular dust or corrosive acid fumes?
  • What power I have available at the installation site? (12V, 24V, 110V, 220V).


If you send us a request with the above information we can provide you an quotation quickly.


The reading distance depends on the size of the characters that the display is capable of displaying. The reading distance does not depend on brightness. The following table shows the read range depending on size. By convention we refer only to character height.

Numerical modules (7 segments)

height in cm.

legibility distance in mt.
















Alphanumerical modules (7x5 dot matrix)

height in cm.

legibility distance in mt.













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