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Infocity has become a fundamental tool for municipalities and local authorities in general. It allows the administration to constantly and promptly inform the public on road conditions, events, news agencies, environmental issues and in particular on weather alerts.

The electronic panel, positioned at strategic points of the city, is a reference point for citizens particularly in cases where their safety is endangered, as in the case of natural disasters (examples: flooding and earthquakes). Thanks to the strong brightness that makes it readable even in daylight with direct sunlight, attracts public attention and is easily legible even at greater distances (from 4 to 200 meters depending on the models).
The programming of the messages can be done locally or from a remote office of the municipality or the Civil Protection. In the first case, by connecting the display to the same PC LAN network with Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi mode or, for distances up to 500 m, via radio modem, in the second case, remotely with a PC connected to the Internet. In the display a GPRS modem is integrated that connects to the Internet and receives the update message.
To solve specific problems we can develop custom software, for example for the management of weather alerts. In addition, to allow the user to be able to independently develop a specific software, the display protocol is provided.
Infocity keeps the message in memory even when power is turned off (for example for temporary lack of electrical current).
Along with the generic news you can also display time, date and, if required, temperature, humidity, wind speed etc.
Infocity is available in the standard colors red and yellow / amber. Upon request are also available white, green and blue.

Large led display for public information
Large led display for public information
4G wireless interface

For choosing the most suitable Infocity model you should ask three main questions: 
1) It must be installed in an indoor or outdoor sun light? 
2) from which distance should it be readable? 
3) how much information must be legible on each page displayed? So how many lines and characters per line should be composed of the display? (The standard line is 20 characters);

The Infocity displays are divided into five main types, distinguished by the height of the characters and their brightness.
The following digit heights are available:

  • cm 5, readable from about 15-20 meters;
  • cm 8, " 24-32 meters;
  • cm 11, " 33-44 meters;
  • cm 16, " 48-64 meters;
  • cm 20, " 60-80 meters;


On models with 5 cm character height, LEDs of type "Dot Matrix" are installed: they do not have a bright light and they are easy to read closely and from any angle; This type of LED is recommended when the display is to be installed in an indoor environment not directly illuminated by sunlight.
On all other models, LEDs Superbright 3200 MCD are mounted: they are easy to read even in strong sunlight and are therefore suitable for outdoor installation. The Infocity displays with Superbright LEDs are also recommended for the interior when they have to be readable from over 20 meters.
Infocity can be realized with a number of rows as desired (1 to 32). The standard models contain 20 characters per line but it is also possible to realize it with a different number of characters: 10, 13, 16, 20, 26, 30, 40 and 60 characters.

Giant led display for public information
Giant led display for public news and weather alerts
GPRS wireless interface

You can request a detailed list of all the models available with features and prices by clicking on Contact on the bottom of the page.
The case-box of the Infocity displays is designed to be installed outdoors exposed to atmospheric agents (IP55), even in areas facing the sea (tropicalization treatment). It is also possible to request a higher degree of protection for cases in which the display has to be installed in a more critical environment, for example in environment where strong jets of water are also from bottom to top (IP65) or in an industrial warehouse where there are very aggressive acid vapors.

General standard features:

  • RS232 serial port;
  • LED type: red superbright 3200 millicandles;
  • 4 character fonts;
  • upper and lower case;
  • 10 effects of appearance of the pages;
  • possibility of insertion and variation of the effects at each cycle in an automatic mode;
  • visualization of time and date;
  • power-supply 220 V 50-60 Hz;
  • memory autonomy without power: 90 days.;
  • aluminum case-box color silver / black;
  • front anti-glare screen in methacrylate;
  • operating temperature: from -10°C to + 60°C.


On request it is also possible to have:

  • visualization of temperature and humidity;
  • Ethernet interface;
  • Wi-Fi interface;
  • modem GPRS;
  • power-supply 12V, 24V, 110V;
  • double-sided version (readable from both the opposite faces of the display).


Infocity is an information tool.
It is very effective where there is a need to attract attention and provide real-time information that is legible from a distance (up to 80 mt.). Compared to traditional monitors also has the advantage of being much brighter and therefore clearly visible even in rooms lit by direct sunlight.

Some examples of messages viewable in several areas:

  • For the city: information about traffic and road safety, scheduled events, live news from news agencies, awareness on environmental issues, weather alerts in the event of adverse natural events (floods, earthquakes).
  • Airports and railway stations: times of arrivals and departures and messages to passengers;
  • Hospitals: to inform on the services provided and the location of the various units within the structure;
  • Waiting rooms and entrances to the public for general information.

Multitext can be interfaced to a PC or PLC or to a network with the following connection types:

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Radiomodem
  • GSM via SMS sending
  • GPRS via Internet

The standard production of Multitext consists of 70 models that differ in the number of rows and the height of the characters. 
Number of text rows

The standard models have a number of rows ranging from one to eight. Each line consists of 20 characters.
On request we can provide up to 32 lines and 60 characters per line.

Characters height
The following heights are available:

  • Cm 5, readable from about 15-20 meters;
  • Cm 8, " 24 meters;
  • Cm 11, " 33 meters;
  • Cm 16, " 48 meters;
  • Cm 20, " 60 meters.

To choose the display suitable to your needs you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Assuming that I can view the text alternating the visualization for multiple pages, how many lines and how many characters per line I need?
  • From which maximum distance should be readable the message?
  • How do I want to control the display?;
  • The color red is fine or I want a different color? (green, yellow, blue);
  • It must be installed in a indoor environment or outside exposed to the weather?
  • Particular aggressive acidic vapors or dust are present in the environment?
  • What power-supply I have available at the installation site? (12V, 24V, 110V, 220V).


If you send us a request with the above information we can provide you a quotation quickly.


The reading distance depends on the size of the characters that the display is capable of displaying. The reading distance does not depend on brightness. The following table shows the read range depending on size. By convention we refer only to character height.

Alphanumeric modules (dots matrix 7x5)

height in cm

readability distance in m













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